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The site has been designed to provide a nice compilation of information regarding how best to utilize QR codes to enhance any marketing campaign. Whether QR codes are new to you or you are very familiar, whether your business is large or small, whether are you looking to supplement a current marketing campaign or begin an entirely new one, the information on this webpage can help you to better incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy. Not only will this page show you how to use the codes, but it will also explain the reasons why you should do it.

For those new to QR codes, this webpage includes some information regarding what QR codes are, where they came from, and some common terms to know. For those a bit more familiar, there is information regarding the best QR code generators and readers, and how best to track your QR code scans. For everyone, there is important information on how to grow your business and yourself using QR codes. This includes tips on merchandising, advertising, custom codes, and best of all – what not to do.

QR codes are expected to grow in popularity exponentially over the next few years, so the best time to get involved is NOW, before your competitors have the chance. In our ever increasingly technological world, the slightest advancements can give you the edge you need, and this is a big one. A number of large chains and businesses nationwide have already shown what QR codes can do, so why not apply that to see what they can do for you too.

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are one of the most common types of 2d barcodes in use today. They were first used by the automotive industry in 1994 to watch the progress of a vehicle during manufacturing. QR codes consist of a pattern of black squares arranged on a white background. The code can store information, much in the same way a typical barcode, such as one on a grocery item which is scanned at the checkout to provide a price, stores data. Due to the configuration of a QR code, however, they are capable of storing much more information than the previously used barcodes. The type of data and size of the code affect how much data each code can store. A QR code which represents only numerical data can store up to 7,000 characters. However, QR codes are capable of storing more than only numerical data.