Unexpected Places to See QR Codes

Today it seems as though QR codes are everywhere. Not only are they in a variety of retail stores, newspapers, magazines, and print ads; they are suddenly popping up all over the place. This is a testament to the recent popularity of the codes and in a way shows that there is only room to grow with them. Here are just a few of the unexpected places QR codes have been seen recently.

  • On recycled jeans
  • In major art exhibits in museums
  • In building sized billboard in places like Times Square
  • On wrapping paper
  • On wristbands
  • On scarves
  • On soda bottles
  • On food items like cookies, pancakes, or toast
  • Mowed on to ball fields
  • In jigsaw puzzles
  • On coffee cups
  • On jewelry
  • On dinner plates
  • On building permits
  • On maps
  • Built into video games
  • On petitions
  • On tattoos (both temporary and permanent)
  • On car windows at dealerships
  • On television ads
  • On gravestones
  • On wine bottles
  • On keychains
  • On cufflinks
  • On rugs
  • On bridges

One interesting thing about seeing QR codes in these unexpected locations is that many times they come without explanation, meaning that they come without any other marketing material. This can be either good or bad depending on your target audience. This can peak curiosity – why is there a QR code on that piece of wrapping paper, what could it possibly link to? This may cause more to scan and click than something that’s a bit more straightforward. However, the downside is that some folks won’t bother to take the time to solve this mystery. That’s where the ever important criteria of knowing your market comes into play. Use it to your advantage every chance you get.