Real Estate Marketing with QR Codes

Real estate may be one of the easiest markets to tap into with the use of QR codes. It is one of the most research driven sales industries out there. Today, before most potential homeowners will even step foot into a realtor’s office or into a potential home, they spend hours doing market research about houses available, mortgage rates, neighborhood statistics, etc. Why not use QR codes to make this research easier for them so that they can get to your office and into a new home faster.

QR codes can be incorporated into real estate marketing in a variety of ways. There are two easy locales for QR codes to be place into materials. The first is in the typical Home Buyer’s guides available for free at many grocery and drug stores nationwide. The second is on the For Sale signs themselves, posted outside of many houses. Home Buyer’s guides are a great resource as is. They provide costs and a lot of basic information about many of the homes available. However, there is a limited amount of space available for a realtor to adequately market their merchandise. Therefore, if some of this space was used up with a small QR code, the potential homebuyer could then be linked to a website with a virtual tour of the home or an additional fact sheet or even statistics regarding the community, or an overall house page including all of this information.

Another great way to use this may be not to show a QR code for each individual house for sale, but include your own personal realtor QR code, then by scanning your code, they can get additional information about the houses shown on your page or how to contact you. It could even send a direct email to your account with a request for additional information.

One additional way these could be incorporated into the guides is to have them link to mortgage calculation webpages. One of the most important steps in starting a search for a home is for a potential buyer to determine how much house they can afford. Why not make this process easier by allowing them to calculate it themselves?

Similarly to the way in which QR codes can be used to link to individual home pages in the Buyer’s guide, these codes could be placed on the For Sale signs outside homes. Once a homeowner finds a neighborhood they like, they are likely to drive or walk around the area to learn more about it. Now, if they see a For Sale sign, they typically mark down the name of the realtor or street and then try to look it up on the internet when they get home for additional information. These searches may not always be successful and may results in loss of a sale. If there was a QR code on the sign, however, that a potential buyer could stop and scan to provide them with all the info, including your contacts, right at their fingertips, they are much more likely to pursue this home purchase.

One final way that QR codes could be used to enhance a realtor’s career would be to help market yourself as a salesman. This looks at the other end of real estate, not home buying, but home selling. Sometimes the most important aspect of a realtor’s job is to find the right home to sell, rather the right person to sell a home to. If you can create your own custom realtor page outlining previous sales made, including time frames, asking versus purchase prices, and other challenges, this could give a potential client confidence that you can sell their home too, then you will end up with better, and in turn, easier merchandise to move. And what better way to provide this information to a potential client than with a custom QR code located on your business or sale brochure.