QR Codes on your Company Merchandise

Want to really impress your clients and grow your brand? Instead of handing out the same company logo merchandise as everyone else, you can now make a custom QR code for your business and use it in place of your logo on a variety of merchandise. This can be done easily at a number of places online.

Your custom company QR code can:

  • represent your company name
  • link to your website
  • link to your social networking site
  • provide contact information such as a telephone number or email address
  • link to a map of your location
  • link to a calendar highlighting a special upcoming event
  • provide a summary of company services

You can even select the color and size of your QR code with many of the tools available. Then these can be custom ordered on a variety of merchandise, including t-shirts, ties, notepads, jackets, hats, mugs, tote bags, or buttons. Part of the allure of the QR code is its initial sense of mystery. When faced with a QR code for the first time, especially in an unexpected place such as a tie or a coffee mug, people are curious to know what this code represents, whereas a company logo on one of these items could be easily dismissed. Once someone has photographed and decoded a QR code, they are more likely to take a few minutes to review the new information placed in front of them, rather than if it was provided to them in plain sight originally.

Another easy way to use QR code merchandise is to have custom QR codes printed directly on your business cards. Although your business card will typically provide your basic company and contact information, the QR code on the card can be used to supplement that with many of the other items listed above. What is the first thing that most potential clients do before beginning a new business relationship? They look you up on the internet! There is no better way to direct them exactly to the information they need to see, than with a custom QR code.

One important thing to keep in mind is that QR codes are read over smartphones or other similar devices, so if you are going to use a QR code to link to your webpage, it would be ideal if it could link to the mobile version of your webpage. This way, the information you want your clients to read can be viewed easily and as you want them to see it. Mobile sites also often reduce the clutter of some typical webpages, by providing only the most important links or data right up front.

In addition to having a custom QR code for your business, why not have a custom QR code for each of your clients? It could link them to a client specific webpage updating them on their project status or help them to schedule your next important meeting. Then perhaps, once any final documents are completed, each comes with their custom QR code sticker, where now they can find electronic copies of all your hard work. Not only would it make them feel that they must be one of your most important clients, but it can help you to easily and efficiently deliver important information.

One other great thing to keep in mind about QR codes is that it won’t cost much to start incorporating them into your marketing practices. You can start with a few QR code stickers that you place on the back of your business cards or on a letter or two. Since they can link to items that already exist, such as your webpage or contact information, there is no additional expenditure there. Then once you are more comfortable with the use of the codes, you can expand them to some additional merchandise or print advertising to help further spread your company name and ideas. Then maybe you even expand to some client specific codes, or additional codes linking to different aspects of your company. The great thing about QR codes is that you can use them as simply or as intensely as you’d like.