QR Codes in Retail

There are number of ways that retail stores can benefit from the use of QR codes in addition to standard barcodes for the sale of their products. Beyond the basics of finding out store information such as hours or locations, or linking to a store website, QR codes can be used to supply the customer with useful product specific information that will entice them to purchase. This could include:


Wouldn’t it be great if that piece of laminate furniture they bought came with a QR code that linked them to a step by step video of how to put it together? The same could go for how to install that car cabin air filter, fuse, or headlight.

Get Rid of all those Key Chain Tags

These days, almost everyone carries their smartphone with them everywhere they go. Then why do your customers also need to weigh down their keychain with a program tag for your store. Why not have them scan a QR code before the checkout for their discount instead?

On the Spot Research

Not every purchase is as simple as liking or disliking an item. Sometimes more information or research is required for the customer to know they are getting what they want. This mostly true for big purchases, such as appliances, or electronics, or even a new car. Why not have a QR code on these large price tag items that provides all the necessary information right at their fingertips? It could even provide a link to a site where you can compare and contrast the biggest competitor’s prices and products. An educated consumer is the best consumer.

Social Shopping

Some folks like nothing better than to chat with others about products they are buying or want to buy. And some other folks want nothing more than another person’s recommendation before purchasing a new product. Why not have a QR code link to either your mobile web with user reviews or a social networking site linked to the product? This way, the wary consumer, can get the assurance they need right on the spot.

And for the store’s benefit….

Customer Feedback

Why not have a QR code link to a product survey or store survey to increase the chances of actually getting customer feedback? Those customer service phone numbers on the receipts are almost always in the trash can before the customer even takes the product out of the box. So why not keep the survey with the products?

This is just a sampling of the many ways that QR codes can be used to enhance a customer’s retail experience. Many of the big box stores are already employing some of these tactics to help sell their products and so far it’s working. At this point, QR codes are just beginning to become influential over a widespread audience, but it is anticipated that their use will continue to grow in the coming years. That is the best reason of all to start using them now to boost the shopping experience, as it seems the results can only improve in the coming years.