QR Code Tracking

In today’s marketplace, one of the best ways to grow your brand is to know your market. Not only can QR codes help attract clients in a variety of ways; they can also help you to learn more about your clients with QR code tracking abilities. These are available from a variety of sources and can range from complex tracking to fairly simple. This could even be done as simply as using tracking software that your website has already set up to specifically follow the traffic generated by your QR codes on products, mailers, or other marketing. If you have a QR code that does not link directly to your site, you can set up tracking on a re-direct site to obtain your results. This way, you can include this as part of your analytical system without adding much cost to your current business model.

However, there are more complex QR tracking systems available. One of these is a fully contained vendor system. This involves using a pay service to create the QR codes for your business. Then the service which was used to create your QR codes will also provide tracking and analytical information about the use of your QR codes. Some companies also offer a similar service in the form of software that allows you to manually track and manage your QR codes. The great thing about this option is that is can be used with dynamic QR codes, or rather codes where you can modify the information they link to, such as updating your url or contact info, without changing the QR code pattern itself. These types of software and service can provide information such as number of page views, amount of time spent on your website, locations of those who scanned the code, type of phone used to scan, and even demographical information when available. The best part is that these results can be viewed in real time.

By tracking your QR codes you can quickly find the most effective ways to reach your target client database. By learning what works and doesn’t work you can shift marketing strategies accordingly. This may give you the information you’ve been looking for regarding new areas to spread word about our product or new age groups to target. Knowing your customer is one of the easiest ways to effectively market your product.