QR Code Marketing Glossary

Alphanumerics: Combination of alphabet letters and numerals than make up a common language.

Barcode: A representation of data which can read and interpreted by a machine.

Binary: A way of representing data such as text or computer processing with zeros and ones only.s

Error Correction Rate: The percentage of a QR code which can be obscured and still allow the code to be scanned and de-coded.

Data Matrix or Matrix Barcode: A 2D barcode which can represent data in two directions.

QR Code: Quick Response Code, a matrix type of barcode used to store a variety of types of data. The code is represented by a pattern of black boxes over a white background.

QR Code Generator: A program used to create QR codes. The user inputs the requested data and the correct format of boxes is generated to represent the data.

QR Code Reader: A program, typically on a smartphone, used to scan and decode QR code data to link to the stored information.

Reed Solomon Error Correction: Cyclical correction method using a system of codes than can find and fix multiple symbol errors.

Social Network: Online media such as Facebook or Twitter used to connect person to person via the internet.

Smartphone: A sophisticated mobile phone that combines normal phone features with those of a personal digital assistant, typically with internet capabilities.

SMS: Short Message Service, brief test message communication used by most mobile phones.

UPC: Universal Product Code, a one dimensional barcode used widely to track merchandise in stores.

URL: Universal Resource Locator, a string of alphanumerics that correspond to a specific site on the internet.

vCard: A common way to transit contact information via email or the internet.