My Technological Struggle

I used to be somewhat averse to new technology. I remember when I was young and CDs first came on the scene, I refused to trade in my cassettes for those shiny CDs. They cost almost twice as much?! And for what purpose, just because I could skip songs without having to rewind the whole thing?! It was totally not worth it in my young mind. Of course, however, after a few years and having to search harder and harder to find new artists on cassette, I took the plunge, and never looked back. CDs were amazing and so much better in so many ways. At least I can say I learned from that mistake, as I didn’t hesitate when MP3s came on the scene - another worthwhile leap in technology.

I would say my cell phone usage started out the same way. I had the classic Verizon “jelly bean” phone as it was fondly known well beyond its anticipated life span. I was in a world of flip phones and was not even sure I would know how to use one. Eventually “jelly bean” broke and I had to move on, but I stuck with the simplest (ie cheapest) substitute I could find which at the time was a camera free Samsung flip phone which I always felt was shaped a bit like a spaceship. At the time, I remember thinking why would anyone ever need a camera on their phone?? Its not like the cameras at that time were very good, so the picture quality certainly wasn’t a draw. And the storage capacity was limited so its not like you could have lots of photos of your friends on there. My statement to those who mocked my technological disadvantage was always, uh yeah I have a digital camera, I think I’ll be fine, at least it’s a flip phone.

However, after a few accidental subzero nights in my car (oops) the spaceship didn’t really hold a charge the way it used to and it was time, again, to move on. This time I couldn’t even find a cell phone without a camera, so really had no choice but to upgrade. I stuck with a Samsung and got a nice shiny slim line model that I loved. I became addicted to the camera instantly. I took photos of everyone I knew so that their picture would pop up when they called, it was amazing. But I still resisted the smartphone with the same logic as before – why oh why do I need the internet and my email at my fingertips?! That is what laptops are for! I can wait until I get home to learn that piece of info that I can’t seem to remember right now. And the rates for those data plans!

Then, again, it became time to move forward. This was not due to the sad passing of my shiny Samsung, but because, from a business perspective, it was time to move up in the world, time to get a smartphone. I got myself an iPhone. Every business contact, every email, every website, every game, EVERYTHING literally at my fingertips 24/7. At this point, I can’t believe I ever lived without it. After that upgrade, I vowed never to resist technology again. I can’t wait to see what comes next.