I Can Haz QR Code

If cats were in charge of the future of QR codes, where would they end up? What would QR codes link to if they were all created by those crazy kitties? I’ve got a few ideas.

Kibble QR Code: Although the technology does not even remotely exist, the kittens would figure out a way to have smartphones dispense kibble. You would scan a “Free Kibble Here” QR code and out would come a mound of the best kitty kibble ever found, just pouring out of the bottom of your droid. Not sure how this would work, but for kibble on demand, the cats would figure it out.

Tuna QR Code: Same idea as above, just replace kibble with tuna – those darn smart cats.

Famous Kitties QR Code: There could be a whole variety of these codes linking to all sorts of YouTube videos of their kitten friends doing adorable things, or of dogs doing things that make no sense to make the kitties laugh.

Social Meow Network QR Code: A link to a Facebook type site just for cats? Yes.

Playtime QR Code: They would scan a code to turn the phone into a laser pointer and also turn the vibrate mode on. Thus, the phone would dance around on whatever surface its on, and thus, shake the laser pointer. Kitty fun for hours!

Catnip QR Codes: See kibble (and tuna) codes above, but replace with catnip. Not suitable for kittens under 6 months old.

Time for petting! QR Code: This would cause the newly cat advanced smartphones to send out a brain wave stimulator, acting much like a type of hypnosis, to cause any humans in the immediate to get the urge to go pet a kitty immediately! 

Hairball Doubler QR Code: Again through some advanced future kitty technology this would link to a site that would turn the smartphone into a doubler ray and when pointed at a hairball, it would immediately double the size of the mess left on your carpet – purely for kitty enjoyment.

Leave Me Alone QR Code: Upon scanning and reading of this code, the smartphone would become a defensive device emitting an electroshock to anyone who dare enter the immediate area around a sleeping kitty.

Now if you’re not a cat owner or lover, none of the above probably makes any sense. But for those of you that have survived the love of a cat, you understand. One of mine sleeps contentedly on the couch next to me as I come up with these ideas, twitching with his little kitty dreams about kibble fountains or pouncing on his sister; and shooting an evil eye in my direction every time I think about reaching over to pet him. If only he had the Leave Me Alone QR Code at his disposal, he would have nothing to worry about.