Ways to Customize your QR Code

An important aspect of QR codes is the error correction rate. Thanks to this function of the codes, which allows them to be imperfect and still be readable, the look of QR codes can be modified to increase their visual appearance and improve the QR branding process through the use of logos and other designs.

Error correction rates for QR codes can be set as high as 30%, which means that up to 30% of the code can be missing and it will still scan properly. There is a bit of a process here to determine which 30% of the code is the best percentage to lose and still have the maximum functionality, but with a few trial runs, this can be easily determined. This means that as long as you’re careful, you can actually write your company name or add a company logo that cuts right across the center of your code and your clients will still be able to get to your site or other information.

With this idea, if you can add names and logos, it would probably be best if the code was in your company colors, which is also an option. Code can be almost any color possible, however, a light background, and darker foreground are required for most readers. Therefore, color should be chosen carefully, again to ensure the maximum function for the code. Sticking with the white background and using a color on the foreground is usually the best way to go.

Another option is to round the edges of your QR code. They do not need the harsh box edges in order to be read, as long as the contrast of light to dark spaces is still there, the harshness of the codes can be lessened by rounding either the outside perimeter or the interior individual edges. If all of these options are combined, you can end up with a very unique and more beautiful code, which could attract even more potential customers than you thought a basic black and white QR code ever could.

Some examples of customized QR codes and some more information are shown below:

How to Create Custom Codes

Susan Komen for the Cure Code